With Options For Outpatient Therapy in Scottsdale, Why Do We Ignore Our Mental Health?

It’s all too common in our world today for those who suffer from mental health concerns to do so silently. They may be unaware of why they struggle, in denial that there is a struggle, or too fearful of reaching out for outpatient therapy in Scottsdale. Healing Foundations Center offers a place for holistic healing and helps patients find a better way to health and happiness.

Common Reasons For Ignoring Mental Health

It’s Difficult To Find A Provider

Finding a mental health provider can often be a disheartening experience. Not all providers accept insurance making the cost of seeking treatment for trauma and mental health too high. When those providers can be found, their availability is often low, or they’re not accepting new patients.

We’re Afraid

With the immense social stigmas surrounding mental health issues and care, many patients find it too difficult to admit they need help out of fear. Fear of judgment, fear of being devalued, or fear of being unsuccessful.

Too often, our social communities wait until a truly disastrous event occurs, such as a breakdown, volatility, overdose, severe physical symptoms, or other critical event occurs, before taking mental health seriously.

These stigmas and oppositional mindsets harm patients struggling with mental health concerns. To combat this mentality, it’s important for families and care providers to engage in more meaningful discussions surrounding mental health care.

Conditions such as anxiety, depression, and trauma-related symptoms are not a choice patients make. Contrary to popular belief, keeping a “stiff upper lip” has never cured anyone.

Please do not be afraid to talk about mental health with those in a trusted circle or on the qualified therapeutic team at the outpatient therapy Scottsdale families look to for healing.

We Don’t Feel It Will Help

This is an extension of the unfounded stigmas surrounding mental health. Rest assured, our center is the outpatient therapy Scottsdale families trust. With over sixteen years of combined experience, our certified therapists offer a myriad of modalities for trauma therapy and mental health that have been proven repeatedly to improve our patients’ lives.

From Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and trauma therapy to Somatic Experiencing and Structural Dissociation theory. Our providers have extensive hands-on experience treating complex trauma-related disorders and always work towards whole-person healing.

We’re Just Too Busy

Life happens. Schedules fill up, obligations pull us in multiple directions, and ultimately, self-care is neglected. This is an understandable circumstance, but busyness is something millions of people experience daily.

A patient’s mental health and well-being are far more critical to long-term well-being and overall health than anything else filling up the schedule. It’s simply not safe to neglect one’s mental health.

Signs That Mental Health Treatment Is Being Ignored

Feelings of Extreme Anger or Anxiety

One may experience near-constant impatience or irritability if they’re not addressing internal concerns. Something that is bothersome cannot be suppressed forever; it must be released and dealt with.

Disrupted Sleep Patterns

When poor sleep patterns are present along with mental health concerns, each problem can exacerbate the other. Mental health symptoms can increase, which in turn can cause sleep to decrease even more.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), the available scientific data clearly shows the connection between medical and physical symptoms and mental illnesses. They advise that good sleep is necessary for recovery from or prevention of both sleep-related and mental health concerns.[1]

A Change In Eating Habits

Anxiety and depression are common mental health concerns that negatively affect one’s appetite. Seek outpatient therapy in Scottsdale as soon as possible if this is happening.

Self Isolation

Self-isolation should not be confused with a need for quiet time or solitude. If one is continually avoiding time with friends and family or avoiding any contact with them, this could be self-isolation. This could also manifest in a lack of motivation to engage in their usual hobbies and activities.

Changes In Sex Drive

A temporary loss of or heightened sexual interest can occur for many reasons. However, if one is experiencing a low sex drive for an extended period of time or an uncomfortable acceleration in desire, seek outpatient therapy. Scottsdale families trust the certified sex and mental health therapists at Healing Foundations. Call us for a completely confidential consultation.

The Presence of Unexplained Physical Symptoms

Unexplained aches and pains can be difficult to understand and ensure. It’s possible that they can stem from anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues that have gone unaddressed.

Call Healing Foundations Center, the Outpatient Therapy Scottsdale Patients and Families Trust

Don’t neglect your mental health. You’re too important and far too valuable. Call our offices today for a consultation and work with the premier team for outpatient therapy Scottsdale residents appreciate.



[1] https://nami.org/About-Mental-Illness/Common-with-Mental-Illness/Sleep-Disorders