Words can’t begin to do justice the gratitude I have for Chelsey and the role she and her staff played in helping me get through one of the hardest times of my life. Her knowledge, patience, and kindness is absolutely unmatched and she helped me understand things I thought I’d never be able to make sense of. I felt safe and protected talking about and processing my deepest traumas and she guided me in creating and implementing a plan to get through the immediate crisis at hand while also building my resilience to whatever may come my way in the future. I went into the program completely hopeless, with little will to live, and came out of it stronger and more hopeful than I ever thought imaginable.

– Erin

Healing Foundations Center is a safe and transformative space for anyone seeking healing from trauma. The program offers deep education and understanding into the science, physiology, impacts, symptoms and realities of trauma and its survivors. This program walks the trauma survivor towards peace and personal power in critical times when one can feel so alone and vulnerable in their experience. The staff is impeccable, a diverse and intimate group of accessible, caring, charismatic, patient and thorough therapists, who each carry their own specialties of which they shine at the top of their field. EMDR, Somatic Healing, grounding techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Group & Family focused sessions, Parts Work and more, weave together to provide a clear, light-filled and healing pathway of whole body and mind recovery. This program and the people within it helped to save my life. Foundations is a home away from home, a community that speaks the language of the survivor, and a lifeline of customized care and empowerment that helps an individual rise from the ashes of what was, and with restored hope and strength move forward into the future they deserve. You will feel welcomed on day one and you will have a team of healing experts that stand with you all the way through. Programs like this do not exist elsewhere. I am grateful every day for all I have learned, the tools I now use and the people I will never forget. At Foundations you are seen, heard, and held and you leave the program remembering you have always been and always will be Whole!

– Danielle (Trauma-Survivor, IOP client 12 weeks)