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A positive outlook on life can help in many areas, especially when it comes to improving your mental health. When you think positively, you’re happier, can also manage stress, and have a better chance of warding off depression and other mental illnesses. Some people with mental illness can find it challenging to stay positive, but daily life changes can make it possible. As we share five ways to stay positive with mental illness, we’ll also examine how mental health treatment in Scottsdale can help.

5 Ways to Stay Positive with Mental Illness

Reduce Negative Thoughts

One of the main ways to stay positive with mental illness is to reduce negative thoughts. When you examine your thoughts, you may be surprised at how many are negative. Negative thoughts breed negativity. To reverse this course, stopping a negative thought when you recognize it and trying to change it is essential. Being aware of the thoughts and taking action to change them can help you stay positive.

Start a Gratitude Journal

When we focus on gratitude, we are putting the spotlight on positive thoughts. Studies show that actively practicing gratitude can make you happier and improve many aspects of your life 1.

Before bed, write down some things you were grateful for that day. These will eventually add up to a long list of the positive things that are going on in your life.

Expand Your Horizons with New Friends

If you constantly spend time with negative people, it will be hard to remain positive. Surround yourself with people who raise you up and make you happy. Think about your social circle and if people are always around with negative thoughts rather than positive vibes. If so, it’s time to make a change as you work towards improving your mental health.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help you to stay positive with mental illness. Studies show that exercise can reduce stress and depression and help to elevate your mood. Eating the right foods can also be beneficial. Lacking certain nutrients, such as B12, can contribute to depression 2. When you have a balanced diet, you can ensure you have the necessary nutrients to help prevent mental illnesses.

Getting enough sleep is also vital because it can affect your mood. When you’re not sleeping well, you can get angry more easily. Consistently not getting enough sleep can also make you more likely to become depressed.

Practice Coping Skills

How do you deal with stressful situations when they arise? The answer to this question can help you stay positive or take a path of negativity. Learning how to cope when problems arise, being flexible, and not giving up, can help you to remain positive. This can include taking a step back to assess the situation or asking people for help. Talking with others and getting a fresh outlook can help to cope with a situation and maintain a positive outlook.

Seeking Mental Health Treatment in Scottsdale, AZ

It’s important to note that these methods should be seen as helpful tools in a patient’s effort to find positivity with mental illness, as they are not a cure-all. Many patients still rely on frequent therapy and/or medication to battle their illnesses. If you feel as though you need more help battling depression, anxiety, or another condition, it’s important to talk to your doctor to discuss treatment options.

At Healing Foundations, we help people with various mental illnesses work through their problems. We offer services such as cognitive behavioral therapy, anxiety treatment, and much more to help our patients deal specifically with the issues they are facing. Each treatment plan is tailored to each patient to provide the best possible outcome.

For more information on how Healing Foundations can help you, call us today or contact us online.