Balancing Technology and Well-Being During Mental Health Treatment, Scottsdale

Balancing Technology and Well-Being During Mental Health Treatment, Scottsdale

If you are undergoing mental health treatment, it’s essential to be aware of how all outside influences impact your treatment plan. This includes the use of technology. While we all enjoy scrolling through our feeds and posting pictures and such, the time we spend on our devices can interfere with our mental health. Although technology can be an excellent tool for mental health treatment, understanding how it can also have a negative effect is essential. We will look at how to balance technology to improve your well-being during mental health treatment in Scottsdale and how treatment at Healing Foundations Center can help.

How Technology Can Negatively Impact Mental Health Treatment in Scottsdale

When you go online, it’s a guarantee you will be bombarded with many images and messages. One study found that nearly 2/3 of adults reported feeling overwhelmed by the information they receive daily [1]. So, what happens to our well-being as we try to handle all of this information?

Here are some things to look out for:

Increase Feelings of Depression

Research shows that social media use can increase feelings of depression [2]. Why? Looking at people’s positive images of their lives can make us feel like we don’t measure up, even if those posts are exaggerated. Seeing pictures of people’s lives that appear better than ours can make us feel inferior. Too much exposure to these images can lead to depression.

Negative Impact on Sleep

Many people like to access social media at night before bed. Studies show that the blue light emitted by our devices can interfere with sleep [3]. Not getting enough sleep can impact our mental health.

Sleep deprivation can make it difficult to control your emotions and behaviors and make it difficult to make decisions. Sleep deficiency has also been linked to depression and risk-taking behavior [4].

Fear of Missing Out

Constantly being exposed to other’s exciting lives can lead to the fear of missing out. This can cause people to feel anxious and stressed when they don’t have to be.

While we often look at technology’s negative impact in this digital age, it’s essential to recognize how it can positively contribute to mental health treatment. Many online mental health resources can lead people to get the help they need. Healing Foundations Center has an app to provide its users with coping skills, grounding exercises, clinical information, and support. This can be a great resource supplement for patients receiving mental health treatment from Healing Foundations Center.

Ways to Balance Technology During Mental Health Treatment in Scottsdale

During mental health treatment in Scottsdale, there are ways to balance technology so that it does not impede treatment progress.

Turn Off Unnecessary Notifications

Do you need to know the moment someone posts something on social media? You can avoid being constantly bombarded with alerts by turning off unnecessary notifications. Hearing your phone buzz every five minutes can lead to anxiety and too much screen time.

Set Screentime Limits

Avoiding excessive screen time can aid in your mental health treatment. Allow yourself a certain amount of time online. Your screen time is done for the day when you reach this time. You can control this by setting reminders on your phone.

Set Boundaries on Information

While we all want to know what’s going on, decide how much news you will consume and from what sources. Try to avoid harmful content or sources that are not reputable. This will help you approach positive content and avoid material that will leave you depressed or anxious.

Practice Mindfulness During Mental Health Treatment in Scottsdale

When we are spending too much time online, we may not be present in the moment. Practice mindfulness and be aware of your thoughts and feelings while using technology. This can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Look for Social Interaction

Spending time online, playing video games, and chatting limits face-to-face social interaction. Be sure you are getting enough social interaction with people daily. Seeing people and talking with them can strengthen relationships that can help your overall well-being.

Seek Mental Health Treatment in Scottsdale at Healing Foundations Center

At Healing Foundations Center, we offer mental health treatment for people dealing with a variety of conditions, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and various traumas. We use a variety of therapies to customize each treatment plan to help each patient best. For more information on our treatment programs, contact Healing Foundations Center today.